True Love Is

True Love is Caring. The ancient Greeks had many different names for different forms of love: passion, virtuous, affection for the family, desire, and general affection. No matter how love is defined, they all hold a common trait: caring…

True Love is Attractive. Attraction and chemistry form the bond that allows people to succeed in relationships. Without this romantic desire for another individual, a relationship is nothing more than lust or infatuation.

True Love is Attached. Like the mother-child bond, attachment comes after the initial attraction. Attachment is the long term love that appears anywhere from one to three years into a romantic relationship (sometimes sooner and very rarely after), and you’ll know you’ve found it when you can honestly say, “I’ve seen the worst and the best you have to offer, and I still love you,” while your partner feels the same way.

True Love is Committed. When it comes to true love, commitment is more than just monogamy. It’s the knowledge that your partner cares for you and has your back, no matter what the circumstances. People who are strongly committed to one another will, when faced with seemingly negative information about their partner, see only the positive. For example, a friend comments that your partner doesn’t say a lot. “Ah yes, he’s the strong, silent type,” is how a committed partner would reply. People with less commitment to their partner would instead say something like, “Yeah, I can never have conversation with him. It’s annoying.”

True Love is Intimate. Intimacy is a crucial component of all relationships, regardless of their nature. In order to know another, you need to share parts of yourself. This self-revealing behavior, when reciprocated, forms an emotional bond. Over time this bond strengthens and even evolves, so that two people merge closer and closer together. Intimacy by itself is a great friendship but compiled with the other things in this list, it forms an equation for true love. Love is not a mathematical equation that can be figured out on a computer. Love is the natural progression of friendship and the elements I have listed above. I know that meeting the right person can be a daunting task. A lot of times two people that were destined for each other never meet because of the difficulties involved with meeting people. Whether it is the fear of rejection (which we all suffer from) or just the fact that it takes so much time effort and energy to meet people, sometimes finding the right person almost seems impossible. That is why I do what I do. My goal is to make it easy for couples to meet and experience the positive effects that finding love can have on their lives. I am in the quest for love, I care not for a date, or a fling, I care to see a couple flourish, a couple in love, no matter status, no matter wealth, no matter health, no matter age, no matter occupation, no matter looks. As we approach the holidays, time grows upon us, and the end of another chapter looms. Make it a resolution, make the start to letting love come into your life and see your life changed forever.

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