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The Chinese effect on America’s fading pinball machine.

There is only one thing that can come from frustration with a pinball machine. Full tilt.

Yeah you lose your balls.


It is not time for America to lose its balls to a country that is pumping economic success in a freaking communist dictatorship. Maybe it’s time for any excuses, any whispered whining to be put behind America’s business people, and challenge ourselves to invent cooler things, build things cheaper than anywhere else, quit worrying about freaking politics and bust a nut to get exceptionally ahead.


What are you gonna do today that is epic?


Tik Tok, Tik Tok. Oh yeah and the Chinese invented the latest thing the kids like.

Not The Beatles. Not Instagram. Not Beyoncé. Not SnapChat.


Tik Tok. Get to to the kids and that’s half the battle. Ask the Khmer Rouge, or Hitler Youth.

It is time to make your workers work harder than the equivalent Chinese worker in the USA.


We cannot be competitive in this hierarchy of cashflow to the king of social media if the innovation tik toks past us.


If you go into a 7/11 style store in a modern Chinese city, facial recognition is all you need to use. Go in get your stuff and leave without paying. Well, not standing in line to pay. Can anyone say, “Can you hear me, Major Tom”? Why does a dude in China get to walk out of 7/11 (or its equivalent) and I’m stuck here holding my beer and scratching my balls? This simple comparison of advancement is what I’m gonna call a “moment of clarity”. It wasn’t too many years ago, that if you said describe a Chinese guy and you would have said he has a restaurant where his Chinese wife yells at him and they serve fried dog. And don’t send me letters saying I’m a freaking Chinese-hater cuz I’m not. I’m just saying, after that Olympics Opening ceremony of 2008 they sure beat in unison their “ceremonial” war drums to a level that all who viewed knew the Chinese had decided to send a scantily clad coded message that they were to be; one word: Respected. You got the sense, that if we did not, that war was imminent.


It was. We lost.


That’s then it’s 12 years later. If we are to get ahead in an uncertain future, I hope I connect with someone who reads this that is a lot smarter than me and might want to take it to the Chinese. I’m a good pinball player, I know their game because I spent a lot of my youth in Asia. My life was nearly taken twice while I lived there as a young man. They came in numbers, and they have the numbers now.


7 million military=China

1 million military=America


They have friends across Asia, including Russia, North Korea, India, Pakistan…over half the world practically.


Look I’m not the first to mention America has forfeited the keys to Oz to China, read Ray Dalios latest book and he has been kind enough to scare the nuts off most of the readership as it quickly dawns on the reader what could be the rapidly crumbling moments of an empire much the way all empires and all civilizations do, through booms, and busts. Through wars, and famines. Through disease, and beyond.

I did not need a politician or a president to dare tell me whether or whether not America is or was or needs to be great again. It is great. Its people are getting pointlessly pissy with each other, it could develop into such a hissy that we turn our guns on each other. But this is not worth a ditty to make life so unfitting that the people I have known in the 27 years I have lived here cannot be pushed once more into the fray. Come the heck on America, we can all work damned harder. Once you strip the artifice from your mind, once you take off the noise of nonsense and decide to get honest with yourself.


If you’re not growing as a business your dying.


The same goes for a country.


Grab your nuts ladies, these men keep dropping theirs.