The Capitalism of Divorce

Balancing the corporate ladder of achievement with the emotional need to be loved…

You and I, such a simple phrase, yet for over 50% of the USA most corporate achievers are simply unattached.

Divorce in the USA is infectious like a stick of cancer whose spread is horrific.

Every 36 seconds, a divorce happens in the U.S.A, approaching 2400 divorces a day which in turn boosts the mobile divorce economy to 18,600 per week and an astonishing one million divorces a year.

The Divorce has shape shifted from a statement. A Divorce is an end of love.

The Divorce however in its shape shifted ethos is now a valuable asset class of corporate business.

Divorce is a $50 Billion annual economy.

Given perspective The United States Dating service industry grew from 2012 to 2015 by 24%.

And an estimated value of $2.55 Billion.

Yes, we are spending more to end than to start.

Let me take you back to a world where the world had not been torn at the seams, and the structure of life was to let there be love.

Divorce law was enacted in 1857. 324 cases were brought to court. Of the 324 only 4 were brought by women. The law required that proof be established that a spouse had committed adultery.

The mathematical probability of a marriage lasting 20 years in the United States has decreased to the flip of a coin. That’s right if you are married and you go home tonight, look at your spouse take out a coin, pick a side, and that coin will likely predict whether you will remain a couple in devotion, or sitting across some rug wearing mediator splitting a wallet/purse that once was fat, fit, and fun. If you picked the wrong flip, make your decision now what to do about it.

The trend is getting worse.

Everyone loves a Ronny Reagan story, here’s a good one. Back when Governor Reagan (himself a divorcee) introduced into law a “No-Fault Divorce.”

Let’s take a moment to review the two words of that sentence.

Let’s say a marriage that was 10 years long. In that 10 years do any of us think that there was zero fault that broke you apart, that ripped the love out of you, and spun you inside out. Was it just an imagined love in your brain, we’re you wrong from days 1? What was the fundamental problem with this marriage?

I got awful news:

Your brain, your heart, your soul, your sixth sense, all combined got the choice utterly and completely wrong.

No biggie though a 2012 study by the think tank “Pew Research Center” were kind enough to share that if you have a degree and your partner has a degree, and you married between 2006-2010well the pair of you can expect your marriage to last two decades.

That banal factoid from the “intelligentsia” serves purpose to the truth. We need a serious attitude adjustment.

Hey and don’t go thinking to splash out on the ultimate romantic wedding in Hawaii to get married. It’s the highest per capita splitsville in our United States of Divorce. Yeah, literally the heaven that Hawaii represents is the King and Queen of “see ya later bitches.”

All this downside misery set aside, please remember that LOVE is a powerful force that mightier forces than you or I control. Fate, serendipity, and the unknown dark matter that’s pervades all existence shoots the tendrils of love to endlessly attempt to connect we beautiful beasts together.

NEVER close your mind off to the potential for love, always hope for its touch to tap on your shoulders, as much as the Earth spins around and enjoys the warmth of the sun, so should your head spin and be turn around by the mystical magic of love found anew.

Romance shall never quit the earth, and you should never quit on yourself. Keep that heart opened.

Better yet, get off your butt and go find someone!!

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