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My Top Matchmaker has been on a remarkable journey, filled with thousands of success stories that have left a lasting impact on the lives of our clients. Throughout this time, we have passionately created meaningful connections and helped our clients build futures with matches they truly like.


  • This is Susan and Bernie on their first date. Subsequently, they have fallen completely in love. The latest news is they are currently in Spain with no particular plans. He also fell in love with Gigi, Susan’s doggie!...

  • Press play to hear what a home run perfect match sounds like!...

  • “Dear Mimi, in your business, you no doubt understand the tempests and vagaries of love. Isabel and I both wrote you to say that our affair had ended. As you perhaps figured, termination was my doing. Not too many days later I came to the...

  • The elephant in the room, so to speak, was reserved by Chad when he took Brooke on a surprise weekend getaway. He refused to tell her where they were going. On arrival, Brooke was pleased to see it was a safari zoo, as she loves animals...

  • “We both wish to remain private about our personal lives, but we did want to make a special mention to Mimi’s work for us, not only did she set us up, but she has also stayed in touch and has offered input and advice whenever I asked her....

  • “Both of us had used online sites, and we even joked later that between Match, Tinder, and Bumble, how could we not have run into each other? The truth is, though, that both Lance and I had just stopped with the insanity of online...

  • “For Bill, 66, and Joan, 57,” Mimi says, “taking a dip in the dating pool was a different experience for each. Bill had been married for 40 years. After his wife passed away in 2008, the thought of dating again hadn’t crossed his mind until...

  • Sandy and Liz go back to 2014. Sandy was maybe the most reluctant guy to ever sign up to MyTopMatchmaker. It was painfully understandable. In his early forties, Sandy suffered the tragic loss of his beloved wife to a long and painful battle with cancer...

  • “Hello and good afternoon Mimi! I hope that all is well. Just wanted to send you a picture of Kyle and I from our wedding day! Thank you again Mimi for helping us find each other! If you need more pictures, we definitely have them!”...

  • Mark and Betty Henry are madly in love with each other, proving so by making it official and tying the knot. When introduced originally, there was a magical connection of instantaneous love and attraction. Mark knew from the moment he met Betty that he had...

  • Both Angela and Michael came from incredibly destructive divorces with bitter disputes in family court over their respective children. They represent, as many singles do in their 40’s and 50’s, the disenfranchised, disillusioned, and collective group of singles who dread dating. Michael, a 56 year...

When you want someone compatible, we deliver.

“Joelle and Mark like motorcycles”

“Joelle and Mark like motorcycles”

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“Maureen and David like

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“Michelle and Rick like

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“Patrick and Chrissy Like Golf”

“Mike and Cynthia like

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“Dick and Kate like ballroom dancing”

“Dick and Kate like ballroom dancing”

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“Chad and Brooke like Elephants”

“Chad and Brooke like

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Inspiration From 27 Year Veteran Dating Coach David Atkinson. Dating Needs Odds Stacked In Your Favor. Coach Dave Delivers.

Learn from Coach Dave What Women Truly Want Now! “A monumental study was released June 3rd of 2020 on what women want from their man-and guess what? It’s not money, it’s not height, it’s not hair, not looks, nor status. Since it’s none of the above can you guess what it is?”

A percentage of your customizable plan will be donated to St Judes or Wounded Warriors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes My Top Matchmaker a better choice?

  • Experience. 57+ years combined experience successfully pairing couples
  • Predictability. 91% of clients seek a long term relationship
  • Effectiveness. Google verified 4.8 ***** rated by people like you
  • Security. Your personal dating data is confidentially stored offline
  • Introduction. Enjoy rejection-free dating. All the angst? Hand that off to us

How do I know My Top Matchmaker will work for me?

  • Your private consultation. We take 90 minutes to learn your personality and preferences
  • Your life. We compose your professional dating profile for peak performance 
  • Your privacy. Dating is better done discreetly, and we keep you offline
  • Your guarantee. Guaranteed single, guaranteed eligible, guaranteed dates
  • You’re compatible. Thousands of matches. You’re next.

What is the cost of My Top Matchmaker?

  • You will enjoy a complimentary consultation
  • Rates are set equally for both sexes
  • Services are customizable and affordable
  • A fraction of the cost of high-end matchmakers

What if I don’t meet anybody?

  • MTM’s client agreement guarantees that you will

Do you have anyone for me right now?

  • New clients generally receive their first match within 1-2 weeks

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