Success Stories

Our clients love us for the love we brought into thier lives. No matter what your age, the chance for romance is never in the past. Read abou how Mimi has helped her clients find lasting love.
Maureen and David

“We both wish to remain private about our personal lives, but we did want to make a special mention to Mimi’s work for us, not only did she set us up, she has stayed in touch and has offered input and advice whenever I asked her. Maureen and I remain together and I highly recommend […]

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Jenna and Lance

“Both of us had used online sites, and we even joked later on that between Match, Tinder, and Bumble, how could we not have run into each other? The truth is, though, that both Lance and I had just stopped with the insanity of online dating. My inbox used to get inundated so much that […]

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Bill and Joan

“Both of us widowed, we really were in a place of lonesome limbo, both of us in dating square one. Then Mimi stepped in and took us under her wing with such passionate care and inspiration. Now we are forever grateful to Mimi.”

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Sandy and Liz

To many, the man in this picture is making a dumb face but to us it was a moment that brought a feeling of extreme contentment, that we had brought this man from the darkest corner of grief and helped him to pass through that pain, allowing a new lady to enter into his life.

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Kyle and Jennifer

From Kyle and Jennifer: “Hello and good afternoon Mimi! I hope that all is well. Just wanted to send you a picture of Kyle and I from our wedding day! Thank you again Mimi for helping us find each other! If you need more pictures we definitely have them!”

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