Gina and Ray

While their favorite baseball teams may differ (he is a Rays fan and she is a Yankees fan) they have found a true connection with one another. After enjoying a game together where they watched both of their beloved teams, Gina and Ray have decided to commit to one another and continue finding fun and exciting adventures that they can enjoy together.

Ray told Mimi, “Gina is a sweetheart and a God send. I have been able to branch out with her in more ways than I can explain in an email. She has even convinced me to buy new glasses and how to use emojis and it goes on. Once again, I TRULY appreciate you. I think Gina is appreciating getting to know a Southern Gentleman and I enjoy spoiling her.”

Gina reciprocated that same admiration for Ray telling Mimi, “I am in a whirlwind of generosity and kindness! Ray is indeed a loving and caring partner. At this time, I am happy to tell you I am content with halting my, ”search.” We are in a whirlwind of fun with many new stylish experiences for him. You indeed, ”hit it out of the ballpark,” with this introduction!
I will send some photos time and again if you would like! I am a satisfied client to say the least and will recommend your services.”