Stunning news: The answer to what women want!

A monumental study was released June 3rd of 2020 on what women want from their man-and guess what? It’s not money, it’s not height,  it’s not hair, not looks, nor status. Since it’s none of the above can you guess what it is? Well, I can share with you it’s probably different than what you think. Why? Well, guys, it’s not really your fault, in fact, relations between the sexes have been problematic for an eon. The amytopmatchmaker - best dating sites for mennswer to that my man lies at the foot of what you were taught, or more meaningfully NOT taught.

Relationship Class 101

When we were kids we learned Math, Geography, English, Science, Sports, and History. You were never handed the choice of learning how to build a relationship that lasts through eternity, you were never taught how to recognize a woman who truly wants you, you were never taught a love language for life, and you most certainly were not taught what women want. While much of America criticizes education in schools, most would never introduce a relationship class 101, yet relationships are the only way you exist. Families succeed when couples get it right, when they stay together forever and do so out of love so strong there’s nowhere else to go. So guys let’s find out what women love! 

Fortune Favors the Brave

The good news is we are professional dating agents, we make it our job to research and specialize in the one subject matter that school failed to educate you in your formative years; dating, love, and relationships. After a combined 57 years of experience in the space, we learned along the way by studying human nature, what causes couples to connect, where women and men fell truly in love and couple that with delivering deep dives into this most human of conditions, the laws of our attraction.

Founded in 1737 The University of Gottingen in Germany has been responsible for the education of over 40 Nobel Prize winners. The academic institute conducted research on 64000 women. The response was overwhelming, when asked what they want from a man, 90% answered “kindness”. Supportiveness received 86%. Intelligence, education, and confidence rounded out the top 5. Once more in a list…

  1. Kindness
  2. Supportiveness
  3. Intelligence
  4. Education
  5. Confidence

Remember this is from a whopping 64000 woman study. 

If you want to be your woman’s Superman, toss out those stereotypes that women fantasize about tough, bad, macho, strong, wealthy, good looking, muscular, or powerful men. Fortune favors the brave confident man who is centered in kindness. 

If you think the study got it wrong…

A frame of reference, a different perspective can create the cause to the credibility of those 5 characteristics. If you are a dad were a dad, or think one day you might be a dad and the guy who dates your daughter comes over, would those 5 elements shine like a star for your daughter to get your approval?

If you noticed how kind, he was to your daughter, would you feel that there might be love?

If you noticed he supported your daughter like a devoted fan would you begin to let there be love?

If you two talked alone and his mind was smart as a whip would you be impressed enough to validate their love?

If he had a degree would you be assured by his achievement to let there be love?

If he showed self-confidence would you feel this brave man could warrant your daughter’s love?

If you answered yes you can now relate to what every woman truly desires. It is no different than what YOU want out of a guy.

Reports and studies can be wrong, and certainly, opinions differ. Yet if over 64000 women can agree on these feelings it lends itself to open your mind to the majority view. 

We are only the report, we are only the comb across the web looking for the studies from reputable sources. We are but a humble agency that wants to bring karma in love into your life. The answer lies within you to learn from these five elements and deliver them with consistency to every woman you meet.

This is the human brain unconsciously prioritizing what matters, and noticing physical ‘imperfections’ less,” said lead researcher Virginia J. Vitzthum. “Intrinsic goodness, and shared values, these are what drive real romance.”

If you seek real romance start now. Tell us a little about your dream girl here.

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