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Dating as you get older can be difficult. Where can you meet a quality partner? How do you know the person you are being set up with is being truthful about who they are? Does online dating work or is it better to find a professional matchmaker to help me find a partner? These are the questions that usually run through anyone’s mind as they start to date again in their older years. Here at MyTopMatchmaker we can not only answer all of those questions for you, we will make the dating process as easy as possible and help you find your next perfect match. MyTopMatchmaker gives seniors a second shot at love. We find you matches, set up the dates, listen to your feedback, and ensure that each date you are set up with is a true potential match based on your preferences, desires, and qualifications.

As a senior dating service in Naples and Sarasota, we know how hard it can be to find quality dates who have a true potential. We work every day to find real people looking to find real love. If you are a senior in Florida looking for a professional dating service to help you find your next partner, MyTopMatchmaker is your solution. We make it our priority to help seniors find love after loss, divorce, or even those who have never made love a priority and are just starting out. Everyone deserves to find love and it is important to remember that you are never too old to find your next life partner!

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A a senior looking for love, you want to find a trusted dating service. With MTM, Mimi will make you feel comfortable and confident after your 2 hour consultation. She will get to know you and learn what you are looking for in a partner then she will search through each client profile to find you your first match!
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Your feedback is crucial for our process to be successful. We want to hear about your date, know what went right or wrong. Mimi can better assess your future matches based on what you tell her directly. This is what sets our senior dating service apart from another other service and especially online dating!
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No matter what it takes, we don't stop searching for your perfect match until you find love again. Just because you aren't in your 20s anymore doesn't mean love isn't our there for you. Mimi has been successfully matching couples for 23 years. Trust in her process and we promise love will come!

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When you take the plunge and decide to get back into the dating world, do it the right way and connect with a professional matchmaking service to help you jumpstart your search for love again. MyTopMatchmaker is the top senior dating service in Florida, with 23 years of successful matchmaking. We are not your average dating service because we don’t just supply dates, we make matches. You will be set up with different people until you truly find your perfect match. Mimi will help you feel confident as you re-enter the dating world. Her guidance through the dating process is unlike any other and differs drastically from the online dating scene. As a thriving senior, online dating may not be what you need. You need a dating service to match you with real people looking for real love who are the same age as you and looking for the same things in a relationship. Online dating makes it easy to lie and be deceitful, but with our matchmaking company, we screen every client. At MyTopMatchmaker, we believe that finding love should never be done behind a computer screen, instead it should be done with a personal touch by an expert industry leader. We want you to always feel safe and secure with your matches. We guarantee you dates, all profiles are verified, and we include background checks with drug tests for all of our clients so you can set your mind at ease. Every date, from brunch to dinner, is scheduled, booked, and arranged for our clients. The joys of having a personal senior dating service in your back pocket is knowing that we are doing the heavy lifting. Let our professional matchmaker do the hard work so the only thing you have to focus on is making a connection with your match!

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a matchmaker who truly has a passion for making perfect matches? Well Mimi is that matchmaker! Mimi wants to help you find love again. She fins joy out of helping people find love again in their later years of life. She does everything by hand; there are no computers or fancy algorithms that match you with your date(s), instead you get the most personalized senior dating service help guide you through the process and make the matches for you. Mimi’s matchmaking skills are unlike any other and as the premier dating service in Florida, you will not be disappointed by any aspect of her process. She uses her intuition, passion, expertise, and your feedback, to narrow down her matches for you to ensure that you are being set up with realistic matches who you have things in common with and a true potential at finding love!

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