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Whether you are newly on the market or have been a Sarasota single for a while, My Top Matchmaker can help you find your next love. With over 23 years of making perfect matches, Mimi knows dating and is the expert dating coach you need. Finding other singles can be difficult if you don’t know where to meet people or are nervous about the dating process in general, which is why we encourage you to meet with Mimi! She seeks out the most eligible singles in Sarasota to ensure that all of her clients are only being matched up with the best. From gorgeous women to attractive men, you will not be disappointed by Mimi’s little black book of contacts.

Part of the My Top Matchmaker process is ensuring that our clients are happy, safe, and most importantly, find love at the end of all of this. You may think that Sarasota has minimal singles, but we are here to tell you otherwise. You just aren’t looking in the right place! From setting up the dates to making the introductions, Mimi makes sure you are put at ease for the entire dating process. Your only concern will be making a connection with your date. We want all of our clients to feel like they are being set up with quality Sarasota singles, which is why do a 2 hour consultation with each potential client. We vet them, get to know them, and make sure they are the right fit for our business and current clients. We have high standards because we know that our clients have high standards.

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During your free 2 hour consultation, you will meet with Mimi one-on-one to let her really get to know you and exactly what you are looking for in a relationship. She will help coach you on your dating style and once she has an understanding of who you are, she will set you up on your first date!
Give Feedback
After your first date, give Mimi feedback. Let her know how the date went, if you would like to go on a second date, what you had in common or didn't have in common. The better, more detailed your feedback is, the better Mimi can introduce you to your perfect match.
Meet Your Match
The better Mimi gets to know you, the better she can match you. Once you open up to her about your desires in a partner, she will go above and beyond to find the perfect person who matches all of your qualifications. When you meet your match, everyone wins!

Trusted and Reliable

One of the best things about My Top Matchmaker is that we do everything by hand. There are no computer algorithms that match you with someone based on like words and similar interests. No, Mimi takes the time to get to know you and find the root of exactly what you are looking for in a partner. Online dating is hard, you never know if people are being truthful with their information, which makes it even more scary to put yourself out there. There is no way that online dating services can monitor or stop this from happening 100% of the time. Here at My Top Matchmaker, we know all of our clients. We meet them, we do background checks, we drug test, we make sure they are who they say they are and even better, we make sure they are a good fit for our business and our clients.

When you choose a dating service, you want to know you are getting the highest quality singles to be set up with, and here at My Top Matchmaker we give you that. We want you to fall in love. We want you to find your perfect match. We want to be the ones to make those connections for you and help you through the dating process. Our matchmaking services are tried and true. We have kept our business model the same for over 2 decades because we know it works. We know that personal connections can’t be made through a computer, they have to be made in person. Let Mimi be the one to help you find love again. Trust in her process!

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Making perfect matches for 23 years

Mimi has a true passion for making perfect matches. She does everything by hand, the original and most successful way to make matches. She has created the most personalized matchmaking service for Sarasota singles. She uses her intuition, expertise, and your feedback to make perfect matches. Mimi cares for each of her clients and believes that everyone deserves to find love. She works endlessly to ensure that you are being set up with realistic matches who you have things in common with and there is a true potential at finding a love connection that will last!

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