Sandy and Liz

Sandy and Liz go back to 2014. Sandy was maybe the most reluctant guy to ever sign up to MyTopMatchmaker. It was painfully understandable. In his early forties, Sandy suffered the tragic loss of his beloved wife to a long and painful battle with cancer. It took years for the pain, loss, and grieving to work its way through Sandy. When he first approached MTM, he called us, but then said it was a mistake calling and wouldn’t take the free consultation. It was understandable, which is why a gentle follow up was the approach taken with Sandy. Until, one day, he took the bravest step he had taken in years and came to MTM like an injured bird who needed a new set of wings.

We set to work, and his first introduction was to Liz seen in this picture of the two of them. To many, the man in this picture is making a dumb face but to MTM it was a moment that brought a feeling of extreme contentment, that we had brought this man from the darkest corner of grief and helped him to pass through that pain, allowing a new lady to enter into his life. It was as if an explosion of intense happiness filled this delightful pair, Sandy took Liz to his homeland Italy. Yes, the pair embrace here in front of the Vatican, clearly in love.