MyTopMatchmaker Opportunities

Our clients seek passion, and passionate entreprenuers can carve out a purpose-filled life, guiding their business and their client base to the pinnacle of success.

Simply put, a dream business opportunity awaits in a unique field. Matchmaking.

MyTopMatchmaker offers a way out of the antiquated relationship of boss and employee. It offers, for a nominal investment, the license to own 100 percent equity of your own MyTopMatchMaker location.

Owners enjoy minimal hours of work, escaping the rat race of life for a harmonious balance of business and purpose.

What we seek from a potential licensee is a true desire to make a difference, understanding that passion is what will drive your business, and that the quest for love is a noble cause. The qualified applicant will have the personality to integrate into the local, professional, singles scene, become a leading speaker on local media outlets, and reach out to community groups.

The platform for success is our tried, tested, and trusted marketing platform which supplies the correct qualified clients to your agency. In a world of dating that is filled with geo targeting and profile assessments from online sites as the romantic introduction to coupling, MyTopMatchmaker is successfully providing a niche alternative for discerning singles seeking a more selective approach to true romance.

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