Online Dating Sites VS A Personal Matchmaker

Dating over 50 can be intimidating. You may be wondering if there are that many people in your dating pool and you may have trouble feeling confident about dating or flirting. While online dating may appear like a more popular way to meet someone, a lot of users both over and under 50 find it unsuccessful and are frustrated with the results. You may be wondering about the difference between online dating sites VS a personal matchmaker and which one is right for you. Learn more about the differences below:

Matchmaking is more personal

Most matchmakers will meet you in person and spend the time to get to know who you are and specifically what you’re looking for in a partner. Your matchmaker will conduct a customizable search on your behalf, and how matchmakers conduct their search will vary. At MyTopMatchmaker, we represent over 1,200 accounts and new clients are consistently enrolling, which means we never stop acquiring more quality clients to succeed in our matchmaking.

The difference of online dating sites vs a personal matchmaker is that MyTopMatchmaker does everything by hand. We offer the opportunity to build a relationship with our matchmaker in order to properly find your other half. An individualized relationship between matchmaker and client lessens the number of unqualified candidates and increases the number of successful dates. Additionally, MyTopMatchmaker requires a drug test and background check on every client to provide further protection for our clients.

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A matchmaker is also your dating coach

If you’re serious about finding your soulmate, consider working with a dating coach. A professional matchmaker understands how people choose partners and fall in love. Meet Mimi, MyTopMatchmaker’s professional matchmaker. Your initial consultation with Mimi is all about you and what you are looking for in a partner. Next, once you are given your first match, you’ll have the luxury of both task and hassle-free dating. Your dates will be scheduled and booked for you, so your date is relaxing, fun, and romantic.

A dating coach can offer insight, help you attract more compatible people, and fine-tune your approach. Additionally, Mimi can help those over 50 improve their dating outcome significantly.

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Long-Term Success

Online dating relies on algorithms programmed to geo-target and keyword target specific matches. Often this strategy doesn’t cater to those seeking long-term or true emotional connections. Too many companies are focused on a younger crowd looking for casual, short-term flings and physical connections. While attraction and physical connections matter, you’re probably not looking for a hook-up anymore.

Matchmaking can help you find someone compatible who has the same goals for a dating relationship. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t let what represents you be a picture and a snipped about yourself. Utilize MyTopMatchmaker to find someone truly compatible with you.

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Avoid the disappearing act

The digital disappearing act is hurtful. After making several attempts to communicate with someone who has clearly expressed an interest in you, they disappear. Forever to be offline. Matchmaking has a much more considerate and more informed way of dealing with rejection.

After a date has occurred between two clients, each client will provide valuable feedback about the date to Mimi. This prevents the event of someone suddenly, without explanation, withdrawing from all communication. Instead of searching for pointless feedback from your date, your matchmaker will provide feedback as to why your date may not be interested in seeing you again. Additionally, Mimi is on your side. She is constantly working with you to introduce you to someone who shares a mutual lifestyle, attitude, values, and goals. On the flip side, if you’re matched with someone you may not want to see again, your matchmaker will take on the responsibility of letting down your match when you don’t want to.

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High-quality candidates

MyTopMatchmaker is said to represent the baby boomer generation. In general, our services tend to be popular with clients ages 40-80. Due to  this, it’s not uncommon for clients to be college-educated with a higher degree of a Master’s or Ph.D. The variety of professional achievements of our clients is something we are very proud of.

Some of our clients have lost spouses, others have achieved great business and career success, but at a cost to their personal success. Regardless, we make sure all of our clients are now emotionally ready to move forward and find love. All of our clients typically have a recurring theme, they seek someone special to build a future with.

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Online Dating Sites VS A Personal Matchmaker

Finding your special someone no longer has to consume your entire day. Working with a professional matchmaker allows for flexibility within your busy professional schedule. Once you’ve experienced that dating is absolutely possible with an accredited matchmaker like Mimi, you’ll never return to regular online dating ever again.

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