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With a consistant 5 star review on Google and ss the leading matchmaking service in Florida, we know how important our reviews are. We pride ourselves on making sure each of our clients is set up with quality dates who have real potential. Unlike other matchmaking services in Florida, we personally get to know each client. We do not ask clients to fill out a profile online, we ask them to come in for a face-to-face consultation. This means that we actually get to know you as a person to better understand your desires in a partner. We ask the right questions to help get answers that will narrow down our matches for you. Attraction and commonalities are crucial when you are being set up with someone, we listen, we hear you, and we find you matches that fit into your lifestyle. Our personalized matchmaking services are unmatched…take a look at just SOME of our My Top Matchmaker reviews and success stories below to help you make the right decision by choosing us to help you find your next true love.

Andrew R.

“Consistently delivers, Mimi has a talent for reading, understanding, and matching me with really good options. My banter with her (via email, she has her time management perfect, always hear back from her in less than 24hrs), is profoundly helpful. Her matches are always ladies what I would describe as definite potentials, which is probably harder to figure out than I probably know. My latest match has turned into a little but more than a series of dates. I kind of knew when I met her that things would never be the same, Judy is a seriously attractive woman, and for a while on my first date I was feeling almost foggy, and unclear it was a weird feeling but something I knew was important, I am and remain convinced that Judy may be “The one”
Mimi had asked me to write a review. I found it hard to do, I mean its not like reviewing a restaurant after all, if I were to pinpoint the companies strengths.
1 It would be Mimi, gifted and a natural at what she does
2. Timely advice, input, and quality responses to sometimes awkward questions from me
3 The approach of having back and forwards banter which was always fun
4 The quality of ladies I met
5 And what is really the number one five star review…Judy!!”.

Simone C.

“I have been a client of Mimis for 10 months.
Key points. Mimi has always provided me with detailed answers to complex questions in regards to whom I should or shouldn’t date.
While it t should not be a positive but it is, I have never met a jerk, nor a cheap guy. Every man has paid for dinner, walked me to my car….and when they said they would call….they did!
Two months ago I met my new best guy ever!! Timothy is originally from England and is quite the English countryside gentleman any woman could hope for. He is sometimes a little too high brow but even then I just find him as cute as a bug in a rug.
I’m a 59 year old Marketing executive for a fortune 500 company by day, but since Mimi worked her magic at night I feels like a teenager in love all over again.
Mimi is a class act!!”

Brett S.

“Fantastic experience with My Top Matchmaker. Friendly and helpful staff who reassured me throughout. If you are single and have almost given up trying to find your soul mate, give Mimi a call… you won’t be disappointed”

Steven S.

“Stop worrying, stop over-thinking, stop procrastinating. Give these guys a call and hopefully you will find love just like I did. Thank you so much, you’ve brought so much happiness back into my life!”

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We always notice in our My Top Matchmaker reviews that people are always so pleased when they meet Mimi. She has a true passion for making perfect matches and helping people find love again. She makes the experience personable, taking the time to truly get to know you so she can better match you.
Give Feedback
Your feedback matters to us! We embrace feedback for 2 reasons: one, we want to know how we can better match you and two, we want to know how we can better our business practices. The feedback you give about your matches is crucial and we invite you to call us after your date to discuss the details!
Meet Your Match
Sometimes it won't happen on the first date and that is okay! What matters is that you know love is possible and as long as you are open to the idea of it, Mimi will work continuously to find you that perfect person who truly matches your desire and your lifestyle. When we help you find love, everyone wins!

We Help People Find Love After Loss

Because Mimi has been in the matchmaking industry for so long, she truly has seen it all. She knows how hard it can be to put yourself back out there after a divorce or loss of a partner. This is why we cater to our client’s individual needs. We get to know you, we ask questions about your past relationships, and we coach you through the beginning phases of dating. We want all of our clients to find love and have successful relationships which is why we cater our services to meet the needs of the client.

Unlike other matchmaking services in Florida, we set up the dates for you. We make the reservations, we pick the locations and activities so that all you have to worry about is enjoying the time spent with your match. It is important that our clients feel safe on the dates which is why we drug test and do background checks on our clients prior to signing them on. We run a safe and secure matchmaking company to ensure that all clients are happy and at ease with whomever, they are matched with.

Feel confident when you choose My Top Matchmaker as your personal dating coach and matchmaking expert. Love is closer than you think, it is time to let your guard down and let love in. Let My Top Matchmaker be your stepping stone to finding a partner who you can spend the next, new chapter of your life with.

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Making perfect matches for 23 years

Mimi has a true passion for making perfect matches. She does everything by hand, the original and most successful way to make matches. She has created the most personalized matchmaking service for singles in both Naples and Sarasota. She uses her intuition, expertise, and your feedback to make perfect matches. Mimi cares for each of her clients and believes that everyone deserves to find love. Trust in the My Top Matchmaker reviews you see on google and the success stories on our website. Mimi’s process works, you just have to put your trust in her!

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