Jenna and Lance

“Both of us had used online sites, and we even joked later that between Match, Tinder, and Bumble, how could we not have run into each other?

The truth is, though, that both Lance and I had just stopped with the insanity of online dating. My inbox used to get inundated so much that I just stopped looking. I hired Mimi. Then she shares she has this tough, rugged-looking guy from Scotland, so immediately I’m thinking she’s introducing me to Sean Connery LOL. Nothing against Lance, he’s not Sean Connery, but he IS ruggedly handsome as described, and he had the tough guy, right out of those Scottish highlands masculinity that I romanticized about. He’s lived in Naples since 2004, so he’s a little Americanized. Mimi set us up in December of 2016, and we are at an age where we thought what’s the point of getting married again? But, we have been inseparable since the day we met, and I can’t see that changing.”