Inside a Quality MatchMaker’s Secrets

“A recipe for butterflies”

Hi there, my valued single clients, today’s secret is a great one. People in general are led to believe, often looking for those butterflies inside, the spark, the click, instant explosive emotions, and they want it quick…and why not?

If you watch a movie, the instant connection happens from first meeting to suddenly tearing each other’s clothes off, often taking only 2 minutes, so if it happens in the movies it should happen to you right?

This is a fantasy that only Hollywood would have you believe, a fast food relationship, a drive-thru, order a husband. Point, click, and ship to find your wife, right? I hope at this point you are seeing the silly premise that is pervasive throughout our entertainment industry. This does not apply to real life.

In my next blog post, I will let you in on a valuable secret that has led to my success.

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