How do you go about matchmaking?

What separates MyTopMatchmaker is our faith in our Matchmaker’s intuition. After 23 years our intuition has become a honed-in, sharply chiseled Matchmaking tool. We look with our inner Geiger counter for that elusive spark and focus on our years of studying successful couples. Success is not defined by sharing common interests, rather it’s about a connection that is so unexplainable that only one word defines it: Love. We believe in love; a couple who feels it knows what everyone is missing out on. How do we work to achieve this elusive feeling? Along with our Matchmaker’s intuition, we utilize common sense, pragmatism, and our clients feedback. We often use the technique of matching opposite’s in character, feeling that the pair will balance each other. We pride ourselves on not using a computer program to predict a date; our work is all hand crafted. The work load may be more time consuming without computer programs, but our Matchmakers absolutely love what they do!

Do you have enough men/women in my age range?

We represent over 1200 clients. From a potential new client, we understand the question of, “Are there enough?” There are a few relevant facts here. TRULY how many men/women do you REALLY want? The answer is always going to be “one.” When you hire us, quantity is irrelevant. What a client really wants from us is to find “the one” and that is what we consistently strive to achieve. Along with current clients, we are thoroughly intertwined with local marketing efforts and engage in nonstop new client acquisition to meet the supply for constant demand. New clients are consistently enrolling, which means we never stop acquiring more quality clients to succeed in our matchmaking. Client acquisition is something we constantly apply the utmost importance to.

How do I know you have the type of partner I am looking for?

Matchmakers typically strive to map out two to three introductions in their head when they consult with you for the first time. If an immediate solution is not present, we will inform you that it may take a little longer to find your style of happiness. The clearer the communication between client and Matchmaker, the better the understanding of how we can muster success for you.

What makes you different than online dating?

Online dating relies on algorithms programmed to geo-target and keyword target specific matches. MTM does everything by hand. While it is not without its own set of problems, we feel the intuitive nature of our experience placing couples together sets MTM apart. As online dating has progressed so have the pitfalls of it, even the FBI has a page devoted to online dating issues. Simply put, the giants of online dating refuse to qualify customers. MTM screens and has a proprietary vetting process. Additionally a drug test and background check provide a more extensive examination for the protection of our clients. Joining an online site offers no guarantee of meeting anyone. In the swipe right world we live in, getting lost in the swipe of a finger on your device is typical or worse your inbox is swamped with hundreds of completely inappropriate candidates. Our experience has shown that consumers either feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed. MTM offers its introductions underwritten by a contractual agreement to perform for its clients.

What type of clients do you have?

MTM is said to represent the baby boomer generation. Our services tend to be popular with a demographic, in general, from 40 to 80. Clients will, in turn, be majority college educated with a higher degree of Master’s or PhD. The variety of professional achievement of our clients is something we are very proud of.

Often our female clients will be beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and come to us with the challenge of meeting quality gentlemen who want more than a 12 am, “u up,” text. We strive to promote our quality ladies in an elegant, traditional standard of dating, versus the “Tinder effect” the millennial generation is fostering.

Our gentlemen clients will often have achieved great business and career success, but at a cost to personal success. Many have recently realized their desire to seek true commitment and have realized monogamy is the key to relationship success.

In both male and female clients we help those who have lost spouses and have had enough time lapse to go through the grieving process and are now emotionally ready to move on and find love again.

All clients typically have a recurring theme, they seek someone special to build a future with.

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