Ed and Isabel

“Dear Mimi,

In your business, you no doubt understand the tempests and vagaries of love.

Isabel and I both wrote you to say that our affair had ended. As you perhaps figured, termination was my doing. Not too many days later I came to the view that I had made a terrible mistake. So I asked the dear woman to take me back and, happily, she did. This afternoon we will go shopping for an engagement ring.

So my asking you to help me again turns out to be misplaced. I am sorry. I appreciate the efforts you have made for me from the beginning. Certainly the work you have done to recommend Joanne and Katie is substantial — and admirable. In another life, I am sure I would have enjoyed meeting them.

You are good at what you do, Mimi. I send thanks and wish you continued success.

Best, Ed”

  • This is a stock image as the clients wanted to preserve their privacy.