Dating Profile Advice

An Interview With Award Winning Matchmaker, Mimi.

Q: What tips do you have for setting up online dating profiles Mimi?

A: For those who TRUST online dating, I do recommend steering away from a little thing I call “profile–itus”
Sometimes, single consumers can believe that profiles are a way of screening out what they DON’T want. This can lead, potentially, to eliminating a prospective partner who may be wonderful for you.

Q: Can you give us an example, Mimi?

A: Yes, something as simple as age range, could end up being detrimental. As a matchmaker, experience has shown me, often single consumers will give an age range desire within five years of their age. For ladies, opening that up to gentleman 5-10 years older can greatly benefit by allowing greater opportunity to meet more potential single suitors, with excellent qualities, characteristics, and compatibility.

For men, while temptation may lead to sometimes wanting to date women much younger than their age, keeping ladies very close to your age, and even opening up to slightly older than you, can bring more opportunity for harmony.

While online dating lets consumers order up a dating profile like a fast food restaurant menu, the quality of your date may not be quite the happy meal you hoped for.

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