Butterfly Fly

Hi fans! Let’s move onto your next Matchmaker secret. The goal I look to achieve is not instantaneous butterflies when on a date. There is far more to be said for how successful adults pair up to become partners. My experience has found that a boring little word, “pragmatism,” is the first true secret for success.

Let’s say there is a fifty-two-year-old male who is 5’11 with salt and pepper hair, stunning blue eyes, works as a corporate director of communications, divorced five years ago with two boys in their twenties. Let’s say I match him with a forty-five-year-old woman who is a real estate broker. She’s a 5’5 brunette with auburn highlights, sparkly brown eyes, and a smile that lights up a room. Since both of their occupations involve interaction with people daily, it’s safe to say they both have a gift to communicate with others. Moreover, both are great at making first impressions.

Both clients have been coached by their Matchmaker, dressed to impress, and my concierge services have arranged for them to meet at a restaurant that will allow enough ambience to speak without yelling, while using their gift to communicate.

So forget charisma or having sparks during the first date, and say goodbye to butterflies! Everything I do for clients is to give you the best possible chance at success.

Here are questions to ask after your date:

~ Were they courteous and openly friendly?
~ Did you want to know more about them?
~ Did you both laugh, or feel the sense of humor was close to yours?
~ Did they give you their undivided attention?
~ Were they dressed stylish and similar to you?
~ Was the conversation free flowing between you both?
~ Did they seem interested in what you were saying?
~ Was their eye contact?
~ Were compliments made?
~ Did you find them attractive?

These guidelines are useful especially if you hit eight out of ten. If so, then there is certainly an opportunity for the potential to move ahead. The key is to let your emotions decide what is best.

What you gain by being a client is a non-biased Matchmaker who wants success for you and all the clients. Remember that your Matchmaker has spent hours with you and your date, discovering your true desires and searching for appropriate match for you.


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