Being Single is an Asset!

In 2018 if you are single you are a hot commodity…why?

The old axiom, “There is someone for everyone,” is true. Our eyes are always looking, we can’t help ourselves, and that’s a great thing to do, simply “look.” Admire the best in the attributes of the opposite sex you encounter, oh sure there will always be annoying examples, but you wouldn’t date them anyway right?

Plus, your fine being single, you have a full and exciting life, you have friends, family, hobbies, who needs a guy or a gal! Right…?

Well, we are not too sure about that? In fact, we are sure about that. We all need someone, we need that chosen person, that unique individual who despite all logic, pragmatism, and common sense, inverts that whole series of words just mentioned. They make you challenge all educational, intellectual, and thought processes because they make your mind melt.

For those of us lucky to have met that individual, we in unity, screech from the top of our lungs, “You CAN live like this too!!”

We know you don’t have to, you may not even care to, but please, please, take a deep breath. The past has left you in the distance and the moments you have left are right now. Every waking minute that your mind is spinning in love, is without doubt the zenith of joy when your partner and you are so stripped bare to the truth of each other, that when your heads touch you feel like you hear what their thoughts are…well you’re finally safe, protected, and can go to your dying days knowing you really did achieve the highest level of what it means to be human.

To truly love another.

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