Angela and Michael

Both Angela and Michael came from incredibly destructive divorces with bitter disputes in family court over their respective children. They represent, as many singles do in their 40’s and 50’s, the disenfranchised, disillusioned, and collective group of singles who dread dating.

Michael, a 56-year-old Attorney, and Anne, a 45-year-old Psychologist, tried in vain various online dating sites. Anne found herself feeling overwhelmed and even more disillusioned with the low-class smuttiness that is so much of online dating. Anne proclaimed, “If my friend had not referred me to Mimi, I had resigned myself to just staying single, no matter how lonely it got at times.” Mimi was thrilled that she was referred to her and was able to play a role in her love story with Michael.

Michaels’s path was quite different from that of Anne’s. When he first came to see Mimi he was a decisive, confident new divorcee, who had spent the last two years burying himself in his work but had recently decided it was time to start over one last time. He saw Mimi’s article in Time Magazine and instantly thought that meeting with Mimi was the best option for him.

With these two clients, Mimi was able to perform a very rare occurrence. Mimi instantly felt that even though there was a fairly large age gap between Angela and Michael, these two would instantly connect and she was right! Not only did they instantly connect, they each admitted to feelings of “elation,” having learned from the past that only, “true and real love,” could be the defining meaning behind a new partnership and they knew they had it.

This picture was professionally taken shortly after Michael had bought Angela a 3-carat diamond and proposed to her in New York City at the Met during a performance of La Boheme. Michael got down on one knee during halftime of the show, in front of the entire audience and proposed to her. These pictures capture the intensity and graciousness they feel for the passion that is back in their life. Michael and Anne shared, “It’s definitely better the second time going around!! Thanks, Mimi!!”