5 Things You Can Do To Be More Romantic

Whether you just started dating or you have been together for years, keeping the romance alive with your partner is crucial for a successful relationship. Romance is supposed to be fun and spontaneous and when done right, both partners will be satisfied and content in the relationship. While many think that romantic acts should be performed by the men, statistics show that men also really enjoy when their female partner goes out of their way to be romantic as well. We believe that romance is important for both parties, therefore we thought we would provide you with 5 things you can do to be more romantic with and for your partner. 

Simple Acts of Kindness

Being romantic doesn’t always have to be a candlelit dinner at a 5-star restaurant (although we love that too), simple acts of kindness can be seen as endearing and romantic in many ways. Whether it is bringing your partner a cup of coffee in bed or picking up flowers on your way home from work, the smallest thing that lets your partner know you were thinking of them is romantic. These simple acts of kindness are easy, yet the gesture can mean a tremendous amount to your loved one.

For men, don’t forget to tell your lady how beautiful or sexy she looks, females love to know that the effort they put into getting ready is noticed. For women, don’t forget to show your male partner how attracted you are to him and make him feel needed. Men often find it attractive when their female partner needs them for even the smallest thing as it boosts testosterone. Simple acts of kindness or gestures are one of the 5 things you can do to be more romantic. 

Spontaneity is Key

Spontaneity in a relationship is one of the best ways to keep the romance alive between you and your partner. From planning a last minute vacation to surprising your partner with a day trip to a place they mentioned wanting to go to in passing, being spontaneous is a great way to be romantic. It is so easy to get stuck in the day-to-day monotony of life and romance can start to slip away. If you see this happening in your relationship, switch things up and don’t be afraid to be spontaneous.

Finding something to do on a whim with your partner can reignite that fire between the two of you. It can bring back the fun and ease of your relationship that you once had and seemed to lose sight of. Spontaneity is romantic as it leaves a bit of mystery and excitement for both parties. As matchmakers, we see it so often that couples lose the spark because they get entrapped in the day-to-day and forget to spice things up every once in a while. Use spontaneity as one of the 5 things you can do to be more romantic. 

Don’t be Afraid to Show a Little PDA

This is huge! Too much PDA is never a good idea but showing a little bit of PDA can be a big turn on for both men and women. Both parties like to know that their partner is proud to be out in public with them and showing a little PDA can make your partner feel wanted by you. A little bit of PDA is playful and can lead your partner to wanting more from you…maybe it encourages you two to leave dinner earlier because you can’t wait to get home and be alone. This little bit of attention in public can be great for your private romantic life.

Being flirty and playful will help keep your romance alive, even years into your relationship. Whether it is a sweet kiss, holding hands, or whispering a sweet something into your partner’s ear, these simple acts of PDA can help keep the fire lit in your relationship. Let your partner know you are proud to have them on your arm by showing it when you are out and about. Who doesn’t love to make other couples a little envious when they look your way and it is CLEAR that you and your partner are in love?

Don’t Forget to DATE

You might be thinking, “What? Don’t forget to date? What do you mean?” When you get into a relationship, it is easy to get into a comfortable routine and often times become complacent. We encourage you to not become complacent in your relationship. One of the best pieces of advice we give our clients is to always continue to DATE your partner. This means going on dates, planning fun activities, trying new things together, or getting dressed up for one another occasionally. Dating your partner is important even when you have been together for a long time.

For men, this means opening your lady’s door, pulling her chair out for her, telling her she looks beautiful, just as you would act on your first date you should continue to act throughout your entire relationship. For women, get dressed up for your guy, plan the date every once in a while and surprise him. Dating…and continuing to date one another is one of the 5 things you can do to be more romantic with your partner. 

Compliment Your Partner in Private AND in Public

Let your partner know how proud you are to be with them by complimenting them in both public and private. You may be wondering how this is going to add to your romantic life, but it is simple, getting a compliment by your partner in front of a crowd of people is sexy. Confidence is such an attractive quality and when you and your partner are BOTH confident in your relationship and each other, that shows. Building each other up and letting others know how supportive you are of one another can help keep your romance alive. There is nothing better than a man who can compliment his lady in front of others and there is nothing better than a woman who can do the same. Compliments are important for your love life as they let your partner know that you find them attractive, or you are proud of them, or you appreciate them. Learn to compliment more and we can guarantee your romantic life with your partner will only get better. 

5 Things You Can Do To Be More Romantic

Being in a relationship takes constant work and commitment. It is important to keep the romance alive between you and your partner in order to have a truly successful relationship. Consider the above 5 things you can do to be more romantic and see what a positive change you will see in your relationship. We encourage all of our clients to continuously romance their partners as we know that it is the key to success in finding and keeping love alive. 

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