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10 Reasons Why MyTopMatchmaker is the No. 1 Choice for Men Seeking Success in Their Love Life

Getting back to the dating game is tough for any man who hasn’t done it for a while. Those old pickup lines just don’t work anymore, you don’t know how to dress and you’re not even sure what to say. You may have tried dating apps, but they just don’t work.

You think it’s as easy as swiping left, or right? Sometimes it feels like it’s better to give up rather than scroll through hundreds of profiles each day and not get noticed by anyone.

According to a Pew Research report, dating for U.S. adults has become a lot harder in the last 10 years. When surveyed, American men admit they don’t know how to behave during a date — it feels awkward and stressful not knowing what to do. There are also far too many men (63%) than women (38%) in the dating market today.

Finding the right match is made more difficult because of:

  • Ill-advised romantic decisions
  • Inconsistencies in dating profiles
  • Cognitive overload because of too many options

Many apps and dating sites in Florida aren’t much help because they’re run by computer algorithms. They lack that human touch and intuition that takes decades to develop.  These are areas where My TopMatchmaker as a dating agency surpasses the competition. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why they’re the top dating site for men today:


My TopMatchmaker premium agency provides exclusive services to a select group of clients. They’re one of the best dating sites in Florida. They cater to professional men usually between the ages of 40 and 75. Their clientele also includes early retirees, successful entrepreneurs and highly educated professionals. They match your profile with women who are a perfect fit for your traits and tastes.

This exclusivity of attention from one woman gives you a better chance to get to know one another and make that connection. The key is taking out the noise of the other hundreds of men competing for attention. 

Remember that women in dating apps get more than a hundred hits. Because of this steep competition, the failure rate for men on dating apps is up to 88%. Luckily this service is exclusive to a select clientele, the odds are stacked in your favor. This is also why this agency is one of the best dating sites for men.


You can book a free consultation and agents will take the time and effort to get to know you and your personalized needs. They will build a very professional profile for you that is optimized for attractive and successful single women. You get premium representation, modern meet-and-greet guidelines, coaching and professional dating advice. The service allows you to be exclusively represented and becomes a gateway for making your dreams come true.


What makes My TopMatchmaker the best dating site for men is that the agency has an actual agent for promotion. It’s a much better option compared to using dating apps that have algorithms designed to keep you coming back. You send more than a hundred messages and texts only to receive one reply.

With this dating agency, you have someone doing the promotion work. The team doesn’t want to keep you on their list so you keep on dating. They want you off the list and on to a great relationship with a woman that you like and love. They do the hard work in the background for you, which is why they’re the best dating site for men.


My TopMatchmaker is an agency that takes transparency seriously. They keep you up to date every step of the way. You get updates from the initial contact, selection, dating preparations and other mutual engagements during your dating experience.


Part of the communication process is coaching you. We understand that you haven’t been in the game for a while. Dating in your 40s or even later is made more difficult because of several factors, such as:

  • Factors in divorce make dating more complicated
  • You’ve become deeply rooted in the settled life
  • Going back to the dating game stirs anxieties in some men
  • Age-related disparate expectations
  • Dating feels out of place
  • You tend to judge yourself harshly nowadays
  • You’ve got other responsibilities professionally and personally
  • And then there’s the kids…

Let’s face it, you’re not the same man as you were many years ago. You’ll need the best help and support you can get to bring back the best guy in you. That’s why this agency is one of the best dating sites in Florida.

Professionally Written Dating Profile

You will be interviewed by a dating agent during the application process. You don’t fill out a form and enter details off the top of your head. You will have a professional with whom you can talk confidently about yourself. It’s also a journey of self-discovery as you answer personal questions.

The information gathered from that interview will help construct your unique, spruced-up dating profile. This profile is designed to highlight your best features so you can be matched with the right women who will be attracted to you.

Our agent has more than 23 years of experience — something you can leverage in your favor. The consultation is free, and you will have a relaxed and professional experience. During the interview, you will receive expert analysis and first-class advice.

Offline, Private and Secure

Your information won’t be saved on an online server. It will instead be stored in a secure, private offline file. High-profile clients and many guys who are using online dating sites prefer to keep their identity and other information private. The best way to keep your personal info secure is to take it off the web so hackers won’t have access to it. This unique feature makes this agency one of the best dating sites for men.


The agency guarantees full and complete confidentiality during the entire process from the initial interview, matchmaking and dating phases. You can share your life story, communicate what you desire in a woman and formulate intimate first impressions. All of the information that you divulge will be kept in full confidence. Every detail that you provide will be used privately to find your ideal woman. Your information won’t be used for any other purpose.

Access to a Select Database of Quality Local Women Vetted and Verified

The agency has a stringent proprietary process for screening men who apply for the service. Note that only 75% of applicants will pass and be accepted for representation. Why is there a strict policy in place? This is because clients will be given access to a select database of local women from Florida. You won’t be matched with just anybody — you get to meet women of calibre, those who are most probably interested in a guy like you. That’s a good reason why My TopMatchmaker is the best dating site for men in southwest Florida.

Guaranteed Dates

You get a guaranteed date when you sign up for the service. The majority of the time spent during the consultation will be used for discovery. After creating a detailed profile, the team spends a lot of time and uses their expertise with a proven system to find the women who will most likely click with you.

Why Choose an Exclusive Professional Dating Agency

My TopMatchmaker is one of the best dating sites in Florida. We offer a unique experience as you rediscover yourself and find that woman in the next romantic stage of your life. Book your free consultation today.

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